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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Mar 9, 2005 9:05pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: video, audio items pending this week

I have a video blog which is STILL pending - OVER A WEEK AFTER SUBMISSION (I've also got two podcasts submitted under my "radio" altar ego awaiting approval as well)

Same as I mentioned 2 days ago, the moving images/audio curator who would normally look into possible problems with these is away this week. Sorry and thanks for your patience! The Archive is here on a years and decades scale, but sometimes we have to bear with it on a days and weeks scale.

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Poster: FP Date: Mar 10, 2005 7:12am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Above-mentioned audio problems

The JET NATIONAL commercial has been downloaded 466 times. There are four reviews on its page. None of the reviews mention an audio problem, and as far as I know, no one else has complained about the audio.

Most of the FOLGER'S commercials have been downloaded a couple hundred times each. Most have been reviewed. No audio complaints.

The IVORY SOAP ad has been downloaded over 500 times, and has five reviews posted. No mention of sound problems.

I have downloaded all the above commercials, and they all have sound - although many of them have sound in only one channel. They burn to DVD and play on the TV, with audio.

Seeing that this seems to be a problem only you (and possibly a few silent others?) are experiencing, you can understand why responders to your thread consistently suggest that the problem may conceivably lie somewhere within your system.

Try playing these files on another PC not identically configured to your problem computer, or try uninstalling your current MPEG2 player codec and replacing it with another. Burn one or more of the problem files to a rewriteable DVD or (S)VCD and see if they have sound on your TV.

I took a screenshot of the downloaded JET NATIONAL file dragged directly into a video-editing application. The silent right channel has been switched off. You can see, in the picture at the URL below, that the waveform is clearly present, shown peaking at -8.4

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